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A short post today. I want to give you some inspiration to look good when you work out. Nike is my all time favourite brand. I like to combine Nike pieces with soms pieces from the H&M sport collection. I found the Nike pieces at Looking good when you work out doesn’t have to cost a lot. Find your own style and combine some cheaper stuff with your favourite brand.

Enjoy your sunday! x

Good start of the day!

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Good evening!

It is important to start your day good, especially when you’re going to train that day. I start my day with a killer breakfast, so I’ll have enough energy for a work out.
My breakfast includes yoghurt with some whey protein, cacao powder, cacao nibs, strawberries and blue berries.

I ordered the whey protein this week at the webshop . If you never heard of whey protein, I’ll explain something about it.
The body absorbs the whey protein fast in your body so the muscles will recover faster after a training.
When you do a lot of strength training I can recommend the whey protein. You can start with one scoop in your yoghurt.

I have to work a lot this weekend so no training for me. Monday I’ll start with school again and that means a new training week! I’m really looking forward to that!

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Squat benefits



My all time favourite excercise at the gym are SQUATS. My goal is to train my whole body but my booty has priority!
For my readers who don’t know what squats are, a squat is a basic excercise to train your butt, legs and back.

Because squats are my favourite I want to give you 4 benefits you get from squats.

1. Squat is one of the best excercises for your booty
Together with the Hip thruster is the squat an excercise where you use the whole gluteal muscle. Be aware to activate the gluteal muscle when the hips are parallel or lower than the knees.

2. Squats are winners to burn calories
The exercise itselfs doesn’t cause you to burn more calories but it gives you more muscle mass. 4/5 kilograms of muscle mass on your body causes you to burn 500-700 more calories.


3. Squats for a strong core
Squats are really effective for your abs, they are even better than a normal crunch. Your core has to work really hard to stabilize all the weight.

4. Squats for stronger knees
Studies have proven that a squat gives your knees more stability. Most important is that you perform the squat good, this requires a lot of mobility work.

Lately I am working really hard to perform my squat perfectly. A couple of weeks ago I suffered with a knee injury. So I am working extra hard to work on a perfect squat. And slowly putting more weight on the barbell, so I don’t look like a pussy at the gym.

Good luck with your squats!


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Hello my dear readers, it has been a long time since I wrote something on my blog. But, hey guess what I am back! I want to take NICOLORS in an other direction. My biggest passion in life is fitness. So, I googled around to find interesting fitnessblogs from Dutch girls but there wasn’t much to find. So I am turning NICOLORS in a fitnessblog with excercises, healthy food recipes, fitness fashion and much more.

I’m really excited to start writing about my biggest passion. I hope I can motivate you!



A big inspiration for me, Natasha Oakley check her blog http://natashaoakleyblog.com

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I am already celebrating my weekend, today is a lazy day! Doubting wether I should go to the gym, I am really tired the last couple of days. So I’m going to leave you guys with some of my favourites from the new ZARA collection. Shop the new spring collection HERE