Good start of the day!

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Good evening!

It is important to start your day good, especially when you’re going to train that day. I start my day with a killer breakfast, so I’ll have enough energy for a work out.
My breakfast includes yoghurt with some whey protein, cacao powder, cacao nibs, strawberries and blue berries.

I ordered the whey protein this week at the webshop . If you never heard of whey protein, I’ll explain something about it.
The body absorbs the whey protein fast in your body so the muscles will recover faster after a training.
When you do a lot of strength training I can recommend the whey protein. You can start with one scoop in your yoghurt.

I have to work a lot this weekend so no training for me. Monday I’ll start with school again and that means a new training week! I’m really looking forward to that!

Hope you have a nice weekend.


Fashion, Fitness, Food

Hello my dear readers, it has been a long time since I wrote something on my blog. But, hey guess what I am back! I want to take NICOLORS in an other direction. My biggest passion in life is fitness. So, I googled around to find interesting fitnessblogs from Dutch girls but there wasn’t much to find. So I am turning NICOLORS in a fitnessblog with excercises, healthy food recipes, fitness fashion and much more.

I’m really excited to start writing about my biggest passion. I hope I can motivate you!



A big inspiration for me, Natasha Oakley check her blog