Hey guys! I’m still very busy with school, this week I have four exams. So I have to learn a lot.. I can’t go to the gym every day, not a good thing for me but I have to change my priorties this week. Between all the learning I made a post with some Tumblr inspiration, a lot of white and clean photos as I look on it now. You see sometimes you can switch from all black to all white, right ! Now I’m heading back to my school work, enjoy! And good luck for all the students who are also learning their ass of this week :)
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Tips and tricks



Some pictures from the last week, I made a delicious salad with smoked salmon, avocado, paprika, tomatoes and some balsamico dressing. A great salad you should definitely try, I ate it for dinner but it’s also a good meal for the lunch. Since a couple of months I’m taking boxing classes, never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do now. It’s such a great work out, I’m training my whole body and I learn a lot boxing techniques. Too bad, I have to skip the next couple of lessons! I’m in the middle of my exams and I have a lot of pain in my shoulder so it’s time for my legs and butt haha. Another thing I can really recomment is skipping, it’s a good exercise to sweat the fat of your body. The more you do it, the better you get at it! Now I’m going back to my books, I can’t cancel our date, haha!